Nihohot produces and supplies scent essence and fragrance extract to a wide range of applications: cosmetics, toiletries, detergents for establishments and homes, candles and oils, wipes and heavy industries including the auto industry – for lubricants and oils.
Scents and fragrances are a dominant component in many products, and for this reason Nihohot emphasizes the significance of creative and flexible solutions, made for our clients' satisfaction.

Nihohot cooperates with companies and corporations worldwide, to enhance its professional connections and maintain an innovative edge.
We strictly use high-quality raw materials to ensure creation of the best final product.

Today, more than ever before, companies emphasize and reckon with the importance of fragrance in their products. Many times, scent can determine the commercial success of a product, so great efforts are made by companies to improve and distinct their products constantly.
We attribute certain scents to fond past memories and different fragrances affect our mood. For this reason, the development process of perfume essence must be gentle and accurate, to create the perfect sensation while using the product.

Choosing the perfect scent for your product is a complex procedure which requires trained professionals. Nihohot understands the significance of finding the right fragrance, and so we offer our clients hundreds of extracts to choose from

We would love to share our knowledge and abilities with you, to supply you with fast, high-quality fragrances.


Company Vision

Accompanying our client and offering our professional tools to create custom-made, unique, fragrance-based solutions.


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