We know that when customers choose cleaning materials, they are actually choosing the scents that will surround them in the most important and intimate environment – their home.

Nihohot specializes in the manufacturing and developing of scent essence for household products.

While certain fragrances have been proven to have a relaxing affect, others are stimulating. This is why it is so important to pick fragrances that will suit the product's purpose.
For example, in washing powder, it is recommended to use extracts which imply cleanliness and freshness – qualities which will undoubtedly serve the product in its marketing and advertising.

Nihohot provides solutions for various detergents: Washing powder, fabric softeners, dish washing liquid, brightening products, glass and window cleaners etc.

In addition, our fragrances are used for mood-enhancers: air fresheners, aromatic oils, incense and fragranced candles.

All of our extracts are created to maintain the quality of final products and are environmentally safe.


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