Research and Development

Research and Development

Nihohot keeps a watchful eye over the market trends in order to provide our clients with the best, contemporary innovations and enlarge our variety of fragrances.

Thanks to the company’s increasing investment in research and development, Nihohot is now established as a leading supplier of a wide range of fragrances for various uses in different industries.

Our R&D team includes a lab manager, a perfumist and a chemist, all with years of experience in this field. The team is trained with working under the changing conditions and demands of the market, and works to provide fragrance-based solutions for our clients while maintaining a leading creative edge.

Our R&D team also works to develop new products, made strictly of all-natural materials.

Throughout the R&D process as well as during the manufacturing process, we use only the finest, hypo-allergenic and environmentally-friendly materials.

Our R&D team is available at all times to assist clients and is aware of changes to the market. Our staff is our pride and takes a substantial part in fulfilling Nihohot’s business vision.


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