Nihohot is a leading manufacturer and provider of scent essence and fragrance extract for a variety of purposes worldwide.

Ours scents are found in many well-known products, ranging from perfumes and cosmetics, through toiletries and personal hygiene material, household cleaning products, wipes, and even heavy industry.

Nihohot has many years of experience with the research and development of a wide variety of high-quality perfume extracts. We use only the best raw materials and conform to the strictest quality standards throughout the manufacturing process, to provide you with the best products available today.

We provide our services both to existing and new products alike, out of a deep understanding of the changing needs of the markets and consumer demands.
Our local manufacturing ensures complete control throughout all stages of the process – from concept to quality control.

We offer professional assistance, accompany our clients and create tailor-made scents to complement their products and activities. Our staff will gladly assist you on your way to create a unique fragrance imprint to your products.