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Fragrance Challenges Are Our Passion

The permeation of a unique scent in work and leisure environments has become a hallmark of quality hospitality, creating a positive and unforgettable ambiance and customer experience. The right fragrance creates a sense of comfort, trust and security. It invites your customers to come back for more and spread the word among family and friends.

To create that unique environmental scent, there is often a need for advanced fragrance products bearing complex chemical ingredients, for which our team can provide highly tailored original scent essences.

Various environments conjure up memories, emotions, and unique moments for visitors. A hotel vacation, a shopping experience, a spa, or an exhibition are just some of the diverse venues for which the NIHOHOT team of experts develops and produces high-performance fragrances and scent essences. We specialize in optimizing the fragrances and scent essences selected by our customers for commercial spaces in retail and service environments in various formats, including liquid air fresheners, candles, reeds, scented sprays, gels and more.

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