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Fragrance Challenges Are Our Passion

Fragrances have immense meaning and power in the places we live, work and play. The smell of dish soap and dishwasher tablets, the familiar scent of our floors and the addictive fragrance of clean laundry comprise an important component in products used for home maintenance and cleaning. Innovative trends in novel, chemically complex home care products dramatically affect the competitive edge these products have and the customer experience they create.

Our professional team endeavors to develop fragrances and scent essences which characterize current market trends. We help our clients adjust these fragrances and essences to their formulas of cleaning materials, as challenging as this may be.

As a company with a long and rich track record of success in the field of home care, we at NIHOHOT specialize in finding innovative fragrance solutions for detergents, fabric softeners, cleaning materials, dishwashing liquids, toilet fresheners and more. Home care is one of our specialties.

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